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Our Pet Policy

pets allowed

Medix Run Lodges - Pet Policy

There are a few "nice" facilities that allow dogs.  It is very difficult to find a desirable resort in a safe location that allows a pet.  We welcome in each Overnight Cabin, ONE small to moderate sized pet, however, we do have rules and they are:

1.  There is a limit of ONE Small to moderate sized (no more than 50 pounds), well behaved pet, per  Overnight  Cabin.  Our "Pet Friendly" policy DOES NOT apply to any of the other cabins on the grounds.

2.  Pets are not allowed past the large bath/shower house.  There are lots of areas adjacent and behind the Overnight Cabins to "potty" your pet.

3.  Your pet must be with you at all times and on a lap or leash, when outdoors.  No leaving pet at cabin while traveling.

4.  Stooping and scooping are a must everywhere it happens.

5.  Continuous and excessive noise is not tolerated.

6.  We reserve the right to exclude and aggressive dogs from our resort at any time.

7.  There is a fee of an additional $25/stay for a pet.  No pet may be on furniture at any time.  You will be charged an extra fee for use of towels or linens with the pet.

8.  Medix Run Lodges management reserves the right to end the "pet friendly" policy at any point.  Please follow the rules so this is not necessary.