1997 Rock Hill Rd Weedville, PA 15868 US

(814) 787-5214

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Medix Run Lodges

1997 Rock Hill Road, Weedville, Pennsylvania 15868, United States

(814) 786-5214


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 Medix Run Lodges
1997 Rock Hill Road
Weedville, PA 15868

Office Phone: (814) 787-5214 

(Liz & John Bartholme, we will return your call if not available)

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Directions from Weedville, PA:

*** Best Approach *** : 

Continue Route 255 towards St. Marys, and travel to top of hill (3.6 miles), looking for Caledonia Rd. on right side (Across from Ingram’s Garage). Take Caledonia Road. to Mt. Zion Rd. (2.7 miles) and take a left onto Mt. Zion Rd. Take Mt. Zion Rd. 2.7 miles to intersection on right side (Gray Hill Road and Rock Hill Road), and enter the right hand intersection, staying to the left, which is Rock Hill Road. Take Rock Hill Road approximately .8 miles to the entrance of Medix Run Lodges, which is down the hill from our main lodge.

Second Approach: Take Route 555 toward Driftwood. Drive approximately 8.5 miles on Route 555 toward Driftwood. On left side, look for “L and L Moonshine and Gift Shop”. You should also see a sign for Gray Hill Rd. Take left on Gray Hill Road and travel 2.6 miles to intersection on left side (Gray Hill Road and Rock Hill Road intersect). Take Rock Hill Road on left side, and travel .8 miles to entrance to Medix Run Lodges, which is down the hill from our main lodge, on left side.

Third Approach (bumpy drive/no winter maintenance): Take Route 555 towards Driftwood. Travel approximately 5 miles, and begin looking for Rock Hill Road, on your left hand side (past Wapiti Woods sign). Take left onto Rock Hill Road and travel 1.7 miles to the entrance to Rock Hill Lodges on right side.

PLEASE NOTE: The Third approach up Rock Hill is a very poor road right now.  Until further notice we would not recommend taking that route. Using GPS puts everyone up the steepest route, which isn't listed on the top three routes.  Warn guests not to use GPS, but rather print out the routes listed.

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